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 Hello, Guys Are you a blogger or SEO expert? if you a blogger or SEO expert so you have to need Best SEO Tools. If you are looking Keyword Research Tool for free here is the right place. I will share a lifetime free Keyword Research Tool and 100% working. I am talking about the Google Keyword Research Tool. This is the best and very useful   Keyword Research Tool for free. Mostly blogger or SEO expert has used tools because it is free for a lifetime. I am also working on the google keyword planner tool. If you are a beginner in the blogging world you can use it. Now, How can be used and register or apply.

    Free Keyword Research Tool. ( Keyword Planner )

How to register to a Google Keyword Planner?

Guys, I will share the same steps. please flowing the steps and register. First of all, go to google and types ” Google keyword planner” otherwise click here.

Guys, Open this type of page when you visit the website the first time. Don’t worry Not need ads to account. Simply click the start bottom then continue.

Next time, open this type of interface click the “switch in expert mode ” then continue.

Now, Create an account without campaign click the option.

Now, check all the details then submit .like billing country, Time Zone and Currency.

Congrats. Your account is successfully created. Click the ” Explore Your account ” options.

Open this type of page. Now Goto setting options.

Click the keyword planner.

Now Chose the ” Discover new keywords ” and then click the continue bottom.

Ready for Used your google keyword planner .enter your keyword and click the ” Get Results ” Bottom.

Now , look at this . wow, Mind-Blowing.  Using Google keyword planner and make a professional blogger or SEO experts .


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