How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money
How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money

Here’s How to Make Money from a Blog for Free

Most Earning Tricks   Now, Most people earning Youtube, facebook another platform but I share the best and most eaning platform ” Blogging “. blogging is the most famous and most earning platform all the time. The same people already earn this platform 100 $ to 1000$ only one day. It’s not fake, it is 100% original and genuine platform.are you not what is a blog? how to work? what is microblog? Don’t worry, I share some sample and normal steps flowing these steps and make a blog and make money .So. Now start and create a blog.

Note: have your Gmail account? because it is needed when you logging and create a blog. Don’t have Gmail account please create a new  Gmail account. 

Click here and create a Gmail account ⇒  Gmail Account Create.


Create a Blog for Free and Make Money

  1. Feast of all GoTo Your Google chrome or open Google.Type in google URL  ⇒ or Click Here  Start 

Open these types of pages. then click the create your blog Options. Otherwise, Click the sing in the bottom.

2. Choose your Google or Gmail account. Otherwise use another account. Sign in your Gmail password.

3. Welcome to Blogger World. Now choose a display name. then click the ” Continue to Blogger “.  Good job 

4. Now, Open these types of interfaces. Don’t worry, close the Notification. create a new Blog then continue.

5. Now the most Impotent part of blogging chose a good title and good address. then chose a theme. Note: chose an address without space .like this,

Note: Choose a unique name and a unique address and check the ability.


Note: you can be used free domain but it is like your you do not like Blogspot so, please buy a custom domain.

Best Domain Buy Website ⇒ example, ResellerClub, NameCheapGoDaddy. 

Guys, flow the next steps.

This is your blog dashboard. Now create your blog. But your website or blog is not fully complete.


This is your website or blog without a post. You create the same post and this blog liking so good. wait and see.

So, chose the post title and write something and publish the post.

Note: Chose a Good theme.

Last One: go to the Settings options and set all settings  .for example, title, descriptions privacy, blog address, and all the settings. because of these parts of most parts of blog SEO. All things are complete then visit your blog.

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money

Have you any problem, please contact me. I Solve the problem.

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