Computer Basics                     

Today we will learn the Basics of Computers 

Computer use is almost everywhere.  Example – schools, College, Office, Shop, etc. We should all have a basic idea of ​​computers.  However, First, we know some of the basic computers. In this 1st part, I’m going to discuss Basic Computer Knowledge. Firstly, what is a computer?

          Computer Basics – Part 1                     

What is Basic Computer Knowledge?

Basic computer knowledge is just as important to a banker as a paper to a publisher. This Basic Computer Knowledge section covers many important questions for tests like IBPS PO, SBI and RBI, and other similar tests. The Basic Computer Knowledge Practice Problem section will provide you with the necessary practice and experience. The word computer comes from the Greek “count” word. The word count means to count or to count. And computer words mean a counting Machine. Example – Laptop, Desktop, etc.

How many types of Computers?

There are Four Different Computer Types. We have four different computer types categorized by computer performance, power and size.

What are the basics components of a Computer?

Five basic components of the computer system

  • Control Unit.
  • Storage Unit.
  • Output Unit
  • Input Unit
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit )
  • ALU (Arithmetic and Logic Unit )


Most importantly computer parts.

Control Unit, Storage Unit, Output Unit, Input Unit, CPU (Central Processing Unit ), ALU (Arithmetic and Logic Unit )Computer System: Elements and Components (With Diagram)





Best Computer courses after 10th Diploma in Computer Engineering and a Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering. 

Do you like Computer Science?

BCA ( Bachelor of Computer Applications ) after 12th Complete.

Is computer science a good degree for the future? Yes /No

First of all, it’s clear that computer science is a good career


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