How to Make Google Form How to Create Google Form

  How to Make Google Form

 Guys today we discuss How to Make Form easily and free. If you make a professional google from for office or your personal work. Flowing all the step and make a google form. You have to need a google or Gmail account. You have not any Gmail or Google account, please create a Gmail or Google account.

Go to your chrome browser or firefox. Sign in to your Gmail account.

Now click the menu bottom. open your google drive. then select google from and create a blank page. Click the new bottom and select google forms.

Look at the screenshot.

Next ⇒




More > google Forms

Now, open a new page.

Now, Create your form as your requirement. For Example  Name, Address, all other details.

Click the “+” to add your questions.

Select your answer type

For Example –  short answer, paragraph, multiple-choice, checkbox, Date Etc.


All your questions add your google form with answer types.

Now How to check submitted all the details or responses? Choose the response options.

Now, How to share this from the link anyone?


Click the send bottom.






you can share Gmail or email via the link and Facebook and Twitter also. Click the shorten URL the link converts a short link.

Most of the important advance features in form .you can create an HTML Code and you using this code another platform .like blogger website.

Embed HTML

<iframe src="" width="640" height="1043" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Loading…</iframe>

Another advance features you make a google excel sheet all your responses. How to Doing This?

Now check the create a google excel sheet and finally create your excel sheet on another page




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