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  IP Address | What is an IP Address? 

If You Using Mobile Phone, Smart Phones, PC or Computer or Laptop But You Don’t know What is Your IP Address? Don’t worry about all the details available, What is an Internet Protocol and how to find your internet Protocol Address. All the Internet Protocol related information and why is Internet address and How many types of Address.

                        Internet Protocol addresses 

Everyone uses the Internet from mobile and computer or desktop but 90% of people don’t know what their Internet Protocol address is? Don’t worry, IP Full-Form  Internet Protocol. It is an Internet address. If I give some examples, you might understand better. Let me explain. I will give some examples of Internet Protocol addresses.

   Example 1.
  Example 2.
                                           2.216.13. 128.18      

                                             This is the kind of Internet Protocol Address view.

If you want to see you, what is your Internet Address .than Go to The Google and Type ” what is my Internet Protocol ” Like this?


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Note: How many Types of Internet Protocol?

Static  Address: This Address is not changed. This is a permanent  Address. Normally these types of addresses are useful for website Hosting and Gaming Purpose.
Dynamic Address. This address is changed every time. this address is provided by the ISP (Internet service provider ) this address.




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