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We all know what is PDF file. Because of some time its need for our college, school, and office. some document is most be submit PDF file .its is mandatory. for example bill, any kind of PDF document we are regularly used But how to edit Our PDF file. How to edit any text? It is very simple and easy. No account or any cost totally free.

If your search in google how to edit a PDF file free. Google provides you a lot of results. But Don’t worry I will share some samples and easy tricks. Follow my instructions one by one.

I am using One website. I recommend you have used this website. Because of this website, I am using the next 2 years and I am very happy. First of all this website is totally free and very helpful. The website name is Sejda Online PDF Editor. This website link  –   or search in the google bar type ” “.I share the screenshot one by one.

One this type of window the first time. You have not any account? No problem It is not required. please chose your PDF documents file and upload the file.

Second time open this type of window. Now fillup your document. Like Name, family name, and address everything.

You chose any other options like

Fill non-interactive forms. The example

you want to insert a passport photo in your from. No problem Click the images options and click the new images and chose your image.

Insert your signature in your from.

Three options .you can type your name and choose your signature .Insart the signature on your form.

options 1.

Options 2.

The last one You have any signature photo than chose the photo and insert the image.


Last, all edit is complete.





Thank you.






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