SEO Blog SEO Settings In Blogger 2020 ( Pro Tips )

SEO Blog  ( Pro Tips )

Pro Tips for blog 2020. Hello, Guys  If you looking for a Blog SEO setting tips and tricks then this article for you. Guys, now  SEO is the most important part of your website or blog for ranking. Your website is not ranking on google without SEO setting. Because Now blogging competition is very high in 2020. I recommended you please flowing all the points and set your SEO setting. If you flowing all the points you can easily rank on google. So, let’s go to the blog and set the SEO setting.

 SEO Settings In Blogger 2020  ( For Beginner  )

First of all, every time used good and SEO friendly Theme or Template. A good  Theme or Template makes a professional look on your website. Don’t use copyright content for your website. Write an SEO friendly article on your website. Because If you want to google Adsense approval then maintain all the rules and regulations.SEO Blog

Best SEO tools for free, if you want a best and free keyword planner you can be used “google keyword planner ” it’s very helpful for your blogging SEO research.

Another best  SEO free tools, If you want a free Copyright checker then you can use a ” small SEO tool ” it’s very helpful for article writing.

Now, Continue our main topic “SEO Settings In Blogger “.


Now, go to your blog settings. and choose your blog title on which topic you want to start your blog. Second, choose your blog description all about the information and details about your blog. Busness WhatsApp 

Look at the screenshot set your title and Description.


HTTPS redirect: Always on these options. Don’t Off these options.

Look at the screenshot.

Meta tags :

Enable Meta Tag search description. It is helpful for finding your topic search engine easily. Set your meta tags Description within 150 words. Now set your Custom robots header tags.

Look at the screenshot and set your ” Custom robots header tags “in the same format.


Coming Soon    SEO Settings In Blogger 2020 advance.

Thank You.

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