WhatsApp Business | What is business account in WhatsApp ?

 WhatsApp Business

Are you a Businessman? Have your any online business? Do you want to sell your product with WhatsApp? But you don’t know how to do this. Don’t worry, Today I will share a solution regarding this problem.

                What is WhatsApp Business?

Now available Business WhatsApp for all the users. Go to google play store and install and use this application. You are already using a normal WhatsApp.Yes? or No? I think yes.mostly all the people using WhatsApp. No problem, you can be using two WhatsApp account ( normal WhatsApp and business ) at a time without any third-party software. Because both are the deferent applications. Now Install the application and register to create a business account. Enjoy some advance features and settings.

What is the Difference between normal WhatsApp and business?

business application has some advance features. For example, you can set your business profile  Like your business details your address, your services business mail address, your website address, etc. 2nd features you can set a greeting message, away message and quick replies. The best advance features you can create your business product catalog on your account.

Go to your WhatsApp  Account  ⇒  Setting ⇒  Business Settings  ⇒  Business Profile.



Mobile no

Google Map


Business Mail






Look at the images and you can add these types of addresses on your Business WhatApps.

Set your product details and pictures with product prices.you can add multiple pictures.

look at the image you can make these types of catalog on your business WhatsApp.

Set your away message and Greeting message. You can change or edit the text at any time.














look at the image and you can set these types of messages on your business Whatsapp.

                                           Good News

Now, you can recover your WhatsApp delete message essay by one application. Install ” WAMR – Recover deleted messages & status download ” application. This application is totally free. Go to the play store and using the WAMR application. Very simple install process.

WAMR link  ⇒    Click Here 

look the Image this WMAR  application install your mobile.

Thank you.


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