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How to Set Yoast SEO Settings

If you have to need a WordPress SEO setting guideline then that is the right place. If you blogger then you have to need an SEO guideline Because This is needed any website ranking any post. You can use a free or Premium version. Both are valuable.

How to set up SEO on your website for Yoast SEO Tool.

If you Don’t  How to set up or install Yoast tool. Don’t worry about all the Guidelines available in this article. If you looking best SEO tools then I recommended you can use the Yoast SEO tool. This is the best tool on your WordPress website. Already these tools using 5 + million users. All the user active users.






How to install the Yoast SEO plugin. First of all, the Yoast SEO Plugin available on the WordPress plugin platform. Now login your WordPress Dashboard and go to add a new plugin option. Search  Yoast SEO plugin. Then install the plugin and activate the plugin. Now Go to Your WordPress Dashboard.

Now, Look at the screenshot. Go to The SEO setting. First of all, go to the General setting.





Now open a new dashboard. Then go to the Co to first time SEO configuration. Click the get start quickly with the Yoast SEO configuration.

Then open a new dashboard. Choose under construction if you want to keep the site out of the index of search engines. Don’t forget to activate it once you’re ready to publish your site. If your website is fully ready then chose  My site is live and ready to be indexed this option A. If your website is not properly ready then chose My site is under construction and should not be indexed. if you chose the option then click the next bottom.

The second option, Your website type? which types of your website? A blog, An online shop, A news channel, A small offline business, A corporation, A portfolio, Something else. Chose your category if you a blogger then sample chose a blog and click the next bottom.

Now most of the important parts. organization or person who uses credit?  if you have an organization then select the organization. Otherwise select person. Then Type the organization name on the box. most important you have to need an organization logo or your website logo. Because without a logo is not make a professional website. If you create a social media profile then all the social media profiles like past on the box. For example Facebook Page URL , Twitter Username, Instagram URL , LinkedIn URL Etc. if you have a social media profile then put all the links. Then click the next bottom.

Search engine visibility: Please specify what content types you would like to appear in search engines. If you do not know the differences between these, it’s best to choose the default settings.

It impacts your Website Seo, So chose the yes option.


If your website is fully Ready then Search engines should show “Posts” in search results select the options. Otherwise, select No Option. same  If your website is fully ready then select Search engines should show “Pages” in search results option. Another option Search engines should show “Cloud Templates” in search results .if you using Cloud Templates then chose Yes option .otherwise No.

Next option Authors.if your website control is a multiple user. then chose Yes otherwise No. If you choose no, your author archives will be deactivated to prevent duplicate content issues. So please select anyone option .this is help for you.

Next option, On this page, you can change the name of your site and choose which separator to use. The separator will display, for instance, between your post title and site name. Symbols are shown in the size they’ll appear in the search results. Choose the one that fits your brand best or takes up the least space in the snippets. If you want to use another name then you can do this. So, please type your Website name and Selected title Separator or Special character. It is your choice. I not recommended to you.

Yoast SEO for WordPress installation wizard: This part is not mandatory if you learning Yoast SEO tool then you type your mail and continue. Otherwise, click the Next bottom.

Now You’ve done it! .Now Complete Your Yoast SEO for WordPress installation wizard.

Go to Features Option. Yoast SEO comes with a lot of features. You can enable/disable some options. All the options like SEO analysis, Readability analysis, Cornerstone content, Text link counter, XML sitemaps, Etc. If you want Genaret a sitemap then Enable the option.

Webmaster Tools verification Option: Now verify your search consol. Google , Yahoo , Bing. Enter your Google or yahoo Verification Code and save.

Next option. The settings on this page allow you to specify what the default search appearance should be for any type of content you have. You can choose which content types appear in search results and what their default description should be.










Media and attachment URLs enable this option every time.






Search Appearance set up the net setting.

Set up all settings :
For Example,General,Content,Types,Media,Taxonomies,Archives,Breadcrumbs,RSS. all the setting .

Now Sat Up Socal media. All social media links.  Now set up Account, Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest.

If you want a Yoast SEO Premium version then you can buy this plugin.

Now, your website is fully ready.



Thank you.

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